X – rays


Dr. S. Mendelson writes in his book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”

“The best protection against x-rays is no x-rays at all.

By far, the most pervasive and dangerous diagnostic tool in the doctor’s office is the x-ray machine.  I was taught in medical school that x-rays of the breast were practically worthless.  Physicians supposedly trained to interpret mammograms were no more accurate than untrained physicians in spotting breast cancer on mammograms.  A survey showed that  radiologists differed with each other interpreting the same chest film.  Some even disagreed with themselves when re-reading the same film!

Another study showed that some chest x-rays showing abnormalities in the lungs were misdiagnosed as negative.   Some of the experts disagreed with other experts on readings, and again some disagreed with themselves when rereading the same film.

Yet x-rays are still sacred in most doctors offices.  Hundreds of  thousands of women are still lining up every year for breast x-rays, despite the well published scientific evidence that the mammography itself will cause more breast cancer than it will detect!

Here are some questions to ask your doctor before you get x-rayed.

Do I really need all those x-rays?  What are you looking for?  What is the likelihood that you will find it using the x-rays?  Can you find what you are looking for by a safer method?  Will you properly shield the rest of my body?  In what way will the x-rays change my course of treatment?  When was the last time your machine was checked for safety?”

I personally do not remember the last time I had or needed an x-ray because I practice preventative medicine.

The best way I know of to prevent and reverse any illness/disease is by addressing the root cause.  This would be done by doing a series of liver cleanses, colon cleansing and changes in diet and lifestyle.  This method has kept me out of the doctors office for over 30 years.   I am 60 years old and have no symptoms, no pain, or  what people refer to as “old age symptoms”.     Judykcleansingcoach