I have found Judy K to be extremely knowledgeable, she has accumulated vast amount of information that she taught me which will last me a lifetime. For 10 years I had CFS symptoms and were on Antidepressant, Pain Medication and Cholesterol Medication, I am taking none of the Medications now and feel much better due to her teachings and after doing only three Liver/Kidney Cleanse. I highly recommend her services as I have seen now 34 practitioners in the few years and I rate her services at the top, she is also attentive, diligent and very kind. -Marty V. Los Angeles

Testimonial from Dr. Michael Conway, ND (Naturopatic doctor, Vancouver) Thanks for your help Judy, my clients are amazed at the gallstones and intrahepatic stones they are passing.

Judy, I was on SYNTHROID, thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. After doing 3 liver cleanses I started getting palpitations, sweating and feeling nervous so I took myself off the Synthroid. I went back to feeling normal. Not hyper or hypothyroid. It was amazing. During the liver/gb cleanse I passed more stones than I could count, largest being grape size. Improvement in my health is dramatic. -Lora, MO

I am grateful for Judy’s coaching service and her wealth of helpful information. I have been searching for years to find someone that will help me find my way back to being healthy again. I have gone through years of misery and frustration by the way I was treated by doctors. Realizing I have to have my health back into my own hands I couldn’t be more thankful for finding Judy. She lives by example. She tailored her service to my needs and did research for what was important to me. She worked with me professionally and kindly and installed in me faith and courage to get well again. I would recommend her to everyone who is seeking help and guidance to learn how to live a healthier life in this toxic world.  -Andrea G (Charlotte, NC)

Judy, I just got done with my 4th liver cleanse and released more stones. When I hired you as a cleansing/health coach 3 months ago I had loss of muscle tone, shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, stiff neck, shoulder and back pain, stiffness in the joints/muscles, toe nail fungus. After 3 months of following your instructions all of my symptoms have disappeared. I’m working and running again and adjusted my diet as instructed. I will continue with the liver cleanses until I have no more stones. Life is now good, thanks for your help. -Vince K New York

Her greatest testament lies in the fact that she has actually done the cleanse protocol herself!During her free telephone consultation, Judy offered what she suspected was the cause of my persistent constipation which a couple hundred dollars of expensive laxative herbs had only worsened. Judy’s coaching was reasonably priced and excellent. She is well versed in Ayurvedic medicine. I truly appreciated the caring and guidance.  She is knowledgeable and was extremely committed to my understanding, comfort safety, and success during the three cleanses I did with her. She followed up by e-mail and answered my questions. Gave guidance on my diet through her recipes. When Judy didn’t know something she was honest and researched it rather than give false answers.She did a sort of systematic review of my lifestyle and brought to my attention where I was being exposed to toxic body substances. I now have a bowel movement daily. Judy, I hope these words express to you the appreciation, love, and deep gratitude I feel for you. – Teresa M, Wilmington, MA

I’m still doing the liver cleanse once a month. I have released over 4,500 stones at this point! I have cut my diabetes meds in half and am no longer taking cholesterol meds. I am getting healthier every day. thank you Judy –  Steffi K Toronto, Canada

Judy, I am writing to let you know what an amazing help you gave me with the liver/kidney cleanses. When I started the program, I was on 3 daily prescription medications and 2 occasional prescription meds. I am down to 1 prescription medication now. Besides gallbladder stones, I was having migraine headaches 2-3 x /wk, I have not had a migraine h/a for over 2 months. I think about the principles of your program daily:I would recommend your program to all my friends,   -Gina White, Missouri

I got out 2 big stones, the largest about an inch across. Plus lots of sesame seed sized bits. Unlike previous cleanses, almost nothing green came out. It was mostly tan or brown. The larger stones were hard clusters of dark green and black clumps. The smell was horrible. I decided to cleanse when I suddenly started horrible heartburn and reflux. I got a lot of relief after the liver/gallbladder cleanses. I feel lightness in my chest which is wonderful. Their funny hows before you don’t seem to notice much pressure, but when the gallstones are gone, there is such a relief of pressure. I am sleeping much better now too . -George

My wife and I had a great third flush over the weekend. She released a lot of chaff and some stones, and I must have released 800 stones. I am looking forward to the next one because I can already feel the stones congregating.  Bob

 I have done eight liver cleanses so far and I feel great. Almost all of my symptoms including stomach ulcers, sinusitis, and headaches are gone. Altogether I must have released about 2,500 stones. What I don’t understand is why my first cleanse produced no stones and the second only 10. During the following cleanses I passed about a thousand. Can you explain why I wasn’t successful with the first two cleanses?–  Steve

“Steve was one of these rare people whose major bile ducts in the liver were solidly congested with gallstones and it took three cleanses to soften the hardened structure to break them down. The first two cleanses were successful, they did the groundwork and digging, and the following cleanses just removed what was already dug up – thanks to his patience and persistence!”  Judykcleansingcoach

The first time I did the flush, I got out literally thousands of stones. The last ones came out all clumped together about the size of my fist. It was absolutely painless. -Galinda

” Neck and shoulder pain is sometimes attributed to a car accident. A 50 year old man complained about pain in his gallbladder area when he ate. He also had neck and shoulder pain,  said it was from a car accident 6 years ago. His neck and shoulder pain went away 90% after doing a series of liver/gallbladder cleanses. He was really surprised to find that his neck and shoulder pain was associated with gallstones even though his pain started after his accident.  This man had gallstones before his car accident occurred. His gallstones led to poor circulation in his neck and shoulder area which is part of the gallbladder meridian. Poor circulation may already have caused the tightness and tension that he had not noticed. His car accident probably triggered blood stasis leading to pain.”

It took me 10 cleanses to get all my stones out. 1,000’s of them. When I was younger I did not have a healthy diet and lifestyle. I also had lupus and fibromyalsia at one time. After my cleanses my energy level has increased tremendously; my nagging low back pain has gone away, I sleep much better and through the night. I am no anxious anymore and I don’t remember the last time I was irritable or in a bad mood. I wake up feeling totally refreshed, don’t need coffee to wake up. My complexion is better, even my hair is healthier. It was worth taking the time to cleanse my internal organs. I am 59 years old and never felt better.
-Judy Kemecsei, cleansing coach

 I just finishing my liver and gallbladder cleanse this morning. Everything went well. I got out quite a few stones – about 100 little ones the size of peas. I’m planning to do another flush in one month. Thank you for all your help! I feel great! -Emily

I have passed hundreds of stones. Hundreds. I am mind-blown. What a powerful experience. I can feel the difference in my body-my abs. there has been a kind of heaviness and pain that I have had for years. I just tolerated. It’s gone, gone, gone. I feel like I am recovering from critically important surgery-kind of mind/body lightness. I don’t know how to describe the feeling but it’s just great. I cannot convey the depths of my commitment to you and your strategies for health. I have been and seen them all and you have a unique proposition. Bless you, -Kathleen

I finished my first flush and just had my first bowel movement; I didn’t see large stones, but what looked like tiny sand stones. -Leroy

My boyfriend was complaining last night because he was nauseous, and said he would never do the liver/gb cleanse again, but the next morning when he saw the stones in the toilet he’s a believer! He can’t wait to do it again. I feel better too, the pain in my back is gone and also the one above my navel is barely there. Mary

When I did the liver cleanse I did get one large green ball and a whole lot of small stones and chaff. What improved about my eyes were the floaters. I had many floating things that would go across my eyes before the cleanse. They all went away after the cleanse. I just did another similar liver cleanse two weeks ago and the same thing happened. It did not reduce the need for glasses; it just made my vision clearer. -Paul

I have had 2 ultrasounds for gallstones, the first over 10 years ago, the second recently, both showed large stones. After flushing on both occasions, both showed large stones. I could identify the stones that showed up in the ultrasound. I have only had the “before” not after ultrasounds, because I felt I had the evidence and didn’t want to expose my body to more radiation from the ultrasounds. I did experience a big improvement in my health and am satisfied I flushed out the offending stones. -Steffi

After the recent flush I thought about taking the stones to the hospital, just to show them how quickly they can be passed. But then I remembered their attitude and decided it would probably be a waste of time. They really were only interested in surgical removal. I’ve done 9 liver flushes and have not had any pain at all. None of the flushes caused nausea, no cramps or other pains. Only diarrhea for a few hours afterwards. Lots of stones of all sizes and a great feeling after the flush. I had no idea what to expect the first time but took the plunge based on the fact that a lot of people have done it and reported good results. My goal is to help my liver and gallbladder get better over time as I grow older instead of the “normal” getting worse, -Vince

I needed more than one liver flush. I have done 9 to date, w/out a gallbladder. The stones just keep moving forward with each flush. I do a flush every 4 weeks. I have never had any pain during the cleanses. While I was younger I had been very bad with my diet and am much depleted in nutrients so I built up sludge and stones. I had the SAD diet (Standard American diet). I now eat healthier and I feel great! -Murray

I have passed a stone as big as a Robin’s egg. There was no discomfort whatsoever.-Linda
Sometimes doctors will just pass things off as something that is inevitable with age. age spots? I am 47 years old and started developing an age spot on my face. After 3 or 4 liver/GB cleanses, the age spot disappeared. Coincidence? Could be, but I doubt it. -Cory

I sort of stumbled across the cure for “acid” reflux. I have not had one reflux in over a year. I used to have two or three a week and would be afraid to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. I knew that my reflux was caused by LOW stomach acid. Now to the cure— Liver Flushes. I did a Liver Flush and it did a wonderful job of cleaning out my gall bladder and my liver. It had a HUGE unexpected benefit. My body started making enough stomach acid to do the job. This lasted for about three months. Every liver flush I have done since would start the stomach acid to flowing again for about three months. Also the first liver flush stopped the reflux the FIRST DAY and I have not had one since. I now flush about every three months. No more reflux. Total cost–Less than ten dollars per flush. -Andrew

The first 2 flushes my husband tried resulted in NO stones being eliminated. The second, about a week later, resulted in abdominal pain. Knowing this could very easily be the result of “a” stone or “many” stones having been dislodged from the liver and becoming “stuck” in the bile duct/s, we immediately did another flush. This resulted in the elimination of 100’s (yes, hundreds) of stones, varying in size from pin, pea to huge lima bean size and even slightly larger. -Laura