www.truthinlabeling.com  – excellent site for  updated info for other names for MSG

www.seedsofdeception.com  – Jeffrey Smith expert in GMO foods

www.vaccinetruth.org  –   updated info on the dangers of vaccinations

www.thinktwice.com  –  updated info on the dangers of vaccinations

www.watercure.com  –  frequently asked questions about water and salt

www.waysofthewildinstitute.com   – teaching natural skills in the wilderness

www.healingwatersinstitute.com  –  for colonics in Studio City, CA

www.breastimplantawareness.org  –  info about dangers of breast  implants

www.consumerlab.org  – tests supplements for authenticity

www.magneticlay.com  –  clay baths to remove heavy metal

www.equilibirumhealing.com  –  Barbara Schwartz specializes in autism, ADD and learning disabilities and, developmental delays. Non medication, including therapeutic essentials

www.youthfulbeautytoday.com –  safer body products

www.inthespiritofhealth.com – restorative yoga classes in Sherman Oaks, CA