Swollen Liver

Enlarged Swollen Liver.

Enlarged, swollen liver. Full of at least 10,000 intrahepatic (gallstones), and you don’t even know it because there is usually no pain in your liver to let you know it is sick. See how the liver enlarges to accommodate 1,000‘s of stones. These stones can easily be flushed out and the liver can return to its normal size and shape.

Gallstones in the Liver

Gallstones in the Liver.
intrahepatic stones

Intrahepatic Stones

The gallstones (intrahepatic stones) are made in the liver and then move into the gallbladder. They are not made in the gallbladder. Everyone has gallstones (unless you know how to eliminate them). People just do not know they have them This test is not part of our yearly physical.
dissected liver

Dissected Liver

This is a picture of a dissected liver. You can see how easily 1,000 of gallstones (intrahepatic) stones can fit in your liver.