No doctor or health practitioner including myself can cure or reverse your illness. Only you can do that by eliminating toxins and building a strong immune system. I will teach you how to do that.

Drugs do not heal or cure they only mask the symptoms. All drugs lower your immune system, including chemotherapy and radiation. Yes drugs are necessary in emergency situations and have saved many lives but they do not cure or reverse your symptoms. Drugs come with many side effects which surface later on which can lead to more drugs and more surgeries. These drugs over time can lead to liver and kidney damage.


My coaching addresses the root cause of your illness so it can be eliminated permanently. It is based on a holistic approach which is safe. I teach you step by step how to make the necessary changes that will help you eliminate the cause of past and potential illness by taking your health into your hands.

Click on the SYMPTOMS link on the home page. Write down your symptoms and call me for a FREE 15 minute consultation and I will go into more detail about what your coaching would involve.

If you do not have any symptoms I still recommend using this program as prevention so you will not have to worry about getting any symptoms of ill health in the future what people label as “old age symptoms”.


10 hours of coaching is $340 US.  You can split up the hours how ever way is convenient for you.   By phone/skype/email.   Shorter coaching time is also available for a smaller fee.

I find that most people benefit tremendously by being coached by a professional who has gone through the changes herself. For most people it is not easy to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Even though the cleansing program is not difficult many people do not take the time to do the cleanses and dietary changes on their own. I not only guide you through the necessary cleanses and changes but we work together to help you find time in your busy schedule to follow through. I am there with you every step of the way.

Having a great coach will make all the difference of doing the program properly and finding the discipline to follow through.

No “government health care program” can do what proper cleansing and  healthy diet/lifestyle can do which is to remove toxic build and reversee illness and learn how to prevent future illnesses.

I look forward to coaching you so you can learn how to have a healthy, pain free life. I can talk from personal experience. I am 60 years old. I am pain free and I have never felt better in my life physically, mentally and emotionally.

You can also feel this way. I am looking forward to coaching you.