GMO includes video below

Genetically Engineered Foods are made and  controlled by Monsanto.

 Monsanto’s goal is to own all the seeds world wide.  100’s of  farmers worldwide have committed suicide due to their seeds being taken away from them.

Foods  that are Genetically Modified:   AVOID THESE FOODS

soybean, over 90%;  corn, over 80%,  cottonseed oil, over 90%, canola oil, 100%; alfalfa (feed to animals),  hawaiian papaya over 80%, sugar beets, 10% some squash, 40%.

Canola oil, high fructose corn syrup  and soy are now the main ingredients in most processed foods and should be avoided.  I teach people the importance of reading food labels and how to eat healthy and how to cook easy healthy meals.

The US government does not require any testing or proof of the safety of GMO foods.  The well paid genetic scientists have unrestricted reign over designing their programs of gene engineering. Mainstream media devotes  no coverage to GMO foods which is one of the most serious health dangers we face today by humans, animals and our environment.

Some crops will not need to be sprayed with toxic pesticides because the pesticide has actually been genetically engineered into the cell structure of the plants.  This causes serious health problems.  Our government say it is safe.  But they have said this before about DDT, EDB, and many of pesticides.


video by Jeffrey Smith, expert in GMO foods at the Institute of Responsible Technology