Type I Diabetes – the pancreas produces very little or no insulin.  Daily injections may be needed to maintain proper levels of blood glucose.

Type II Diabetes – the pancreas produces insulin, but the body’s tissues are unable to use it properly.  In response the pancreas produces more insulin as a means of compensatng.

Diabetes  meds damage the liver, kidneys and pancreas over time. These drugs can lower blood sugar, but they do nothing to address the root cause of the disorder.  They loose their effectiveness over time, which can increase your chances of  having a heart attack.

The good news is I have seen diabetes reversed 100’s of times, even if you are using insulin needles.   This is can be done by  using natural methods like cleansing the liver/gb and some changes in diet and lifestyle

Diabetes like other health disorders can be reversed by addressing the root cause .  By addressing what caused the illness, the illness can be reversed.  This is done by making some customized dietary/lifestyle  changes and cleansing the liver .  A clean liver is our first line of defense.  It does 500 different functions, including filtering our blood and toxins.  The liver is only capable of doing it’s 500 functions  when it is clean.  It needs to be maintained just like any other filter.  Every cell and organ in our body depends on a clean liver in order to function properly and to be healthy.  We are only as healthy as our blood is clean.

Here are a few  Side Effects listed on Avandia and other  diabetic medication:

high risk of heart failure, fluid retention. weight gain, shortness of breath, low blood suger (hypoglycemia, dizziness, shakiness or hunger), low red blood cell count (anemia),  liver problems (including gallstones), nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, unusual tiredness, loss of appetite, dark urine (kidney damage), headache.